Knee Ligament Surgery

Private knee ligament surgery is available in Wrexham, North Wales by experienced consultant Mr. Goel. Knee ligament surgery, including anterior cruciate ligament repair is available as a keyhole surgery at Spire Yale Hospital with initial consultations available within one week.

Knee Ligament Surgery

You will likely be referred for knee ligament surgery if you have torn the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in your knee. This is the band of tissue that joins the thigh bone to the shin bone on the knee joint. You will most likely see swelling, restricted movement and pain in your knee.

ACL injuries commonly occur during active sports such as football, rugby and skiing. They are very common and make up around 40% of all sports injuries. A torn ACL creates an unstable knee and loss of a range of movement. To return back to an active lifestyle it may be essential to have knee ligament surgery.


What happens during knee ligament surgery?

Knee ligament surgery is normally performed through keyhole surgery under a general anaesthetic. During the operation, a graft is taken from another part of your leg such as the hamstring or patellar. The graft is fitted to replace the affected ligaments. The surgery can take 1-2 hours and most people will go home the next day.


Private knee ligament surgery in North Wales

Private knee ligament surgery is available as a private treatment for self-paying and insured patients in North Wales at Spire Yale Hospital in Wrexham. Expert medical care is delivered in the modern, well-equipped hospital for all patients and includes fast access to treatment, a private ensuite room and appointments at a time to suit you.


Recovery from knee ligament reconstruction surgery

Full recovery from the knee ligament reconstruction can take between six to nine months, although you’ll be able to walk on your new knee within a day or two and you might need crutches. You should be able to drive 10 – 14 days after your surgery.


How much does knee ligament surgery cost?

A knee ligament reconstruction procedure is available from £5,955, plus an initial consultation fee of £200.

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